TOURISTS IN ROME GET YOURSELF PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHER! Are you a tourist in Rome? Have you ever thought about getting the most out of your holiday in Rome? Any ideas???  I’LL GIVE YOU ONE!!!!!  I offer all tourists in Rome a personal photo reportage, I will take you to some of the most beautiful and breathtaking places of the eternal city: ROME. This is something new, cool and it will give you the chance of taking back with you the best memories of your holiday.  I’m Girolamo Monteleone a personal photographer specialized in photo reporting for couples, singles and families, basically all tourists in Rome who want a wonderful souvenir! Don’t worry about the language, I will offer you a personal language assistant who will come with us and give you the best holiday experience you have ever had.  While doing this you’ll be visiting Rome one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  Don’t run the risk of loosing your memories and hire a personal tourist photographer. Check the prices and solutions we offer that best suit you.  Engagements, Honeymoons, Wedding, Family Portraits in Rome!


Are you coming to Italy for Vacation?

Get a professional photoshoot with us in real Made in Italy Style!

We are a team of professional photographers who love the city of Rome. Every shot we take merge the unique features of this breathtaking city with the emotions of the couples. We  want to catch the love of those fiancé, wedding couples, families or newlyweds on honeymoon.

Lose yourselves among the suggestive and intriguing spots of Rome, while we secretly draw your beautiful moment with a perfect, natural and and spontaneous shot. We will use all our empathy to put at your service the long-time experience we have as wedding photojournalists. 

After the shooting we select the most beautiful pictures taken, the ones that represent you best and convey your true emotions; we will improve these before sending them on, to become your unforgettable memories.




Girolamo Monteleone, team leader of Made In Italy Web, supported by assistants fluent in Chinese, English and Spanish.

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