from Singapore to Italy, photo shoot around Rome


I want to tell you a story, the story of Gerald and Jenie!

One day I received an email from Jenie, she wrote me that with her boyfriend they live in Singapore, and that soon they will be in Italy and would like to choose my photo shoot. I was very happy of their request.

November 25th, a few days after their arrival in Rome, we met and we spent three hours together around the city.
I met a fantastic couple, very joyful and expressive. It was great to talk to them in Chinese, about their story and their lives.

I have precious memories of their, I hope to see them again in Singapore:

We walked for three hours, we were in Colosseum, Sant’Angelo Castel, Phanteon,  Capitol Hill, and Caffarelli terrace.  


The service started at 6:30 am, we concluded at 9:30am